Let's Get Serious

"Like,people can scream out punk is dead blah blah blah"
(The DKs are punk and proud of it)
"Just because we have a sense of humour,
doesn't mean we don't have a sense of rage.
I' ve had that rage since I was very small
and I want to keep it in the music".
τα όρια είναι ρευστά,τα αποθέματα τεράστια
η μαγική εικόνα με τον ΘΕΟδωράκη
as a start, place the brain in a weak (5%) formalin solution
Unknown Pleasures...
Let's Get Serious (ξανά)
ΟRGANBANK (μέχρι σημείου σύγχισης)
money money money
"O yeah. Americans are so obsessed,
and have been taught to be obsessed,
with their own comfort and lining their own cocoons,
that they are become very apolitical.
And this kind of apolitical,
hollow way of existing
is a kind of thing that paved the way for Hitler..."
('Oχι μόνο διαίρει και βασίλευε,
αλλά αφομοίωση και περιθωριοποίηση).